Last year Nipsey Hussle released a dope record with Dom Kennedy called “Don’t Forget Us,” which was around the same tim he was promoting his legendary Crenshaw mixtape. After months of continuous play, Cookin Soul has decided to remix the song by blending it with Jocedi’s song “What About Us.” Roll up a couple trippy sticks and start your morning the right way.

Chance The Rapper Announces His New Album, ‘Surf


Chance The Rapper‘s meteoric rise following the release of his Acid Rap album in April of 2013 was nothing less than awe inspiring, and since then he’s toured the world non-stop, with everyone from Eminem to Macklemore, and after introducing the world to the Acid Rap/Social Experiment experience, it appears he’s finally ready to deliver his extremely highly anticipated return to music. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Chance revealed his new album with The Social Experiment, Surf, which will feature Migos, J. Cole and Frank Ocean, and will be released for free before year’s end. The following is an excerpt from his interview, which is an insight into what we can expect from Chance The Rapper in 2015.

I’m definitely tired of playing Acid Rap. I’m definitely tired of playing “Juice.” I’m in a place where I want to give people that… I want to have a giant room full of kids screaming but I want a certain order to it. I love throwing the raw energy around and being neurotic and sporadic on stage and freaking people out and using all my energy. But when there are cool and calm three-song medleys that play out like a play, that’s the shit I’m into. I’m finally learning how to work like a choir director.
There isn’t yet a release date for Surf, but Chance admitted he’d like it to be out by year’s end.

A Porn Star Accuses Maino of Punching Her Outside of a NYC Club

Maino has some explaining to do…

Porn star, Mellanie Monroe says she was punched by Maino outside of a NYC club. The two were parked in a SVU outside of the Griffin when Maino began punching her then allegedly fled the scene. She says she suffered from leg pain after the incident. Maino has not yet been charged and has yet to respond to the claims. Ironically, around the same time last year, the Bed-Stuy rapper was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Apparently October is the month where Maino gets into these situations…let’s hope this isn’t a pattern. We’ll update you as more information becomes available.

Legasi Records Presents Marvaless



Legasi Records  out of Oakland, CA., presents Marvaless follow here on twitter @Marvaless

Marvaless-ig (1)

Sacramento, CA-based hardcore rapper Marvaless debuted in 1994 with Ghetto Blues; in addition to successive solo releases including 1995’s Just Marvaless and 1996’s Wiccked, she also made a series of guest appearances on records by acts including 2Pac, Conscious Daughters, Mac Mall, Master P’s West Coast Bad Boyz, and such AWOL label mates as Lunasicc and C-Bo. Fearless followed in 1998. Ghetto Blues 2001 appeared three years later.