A$AP Mob hurled themselves into a packed crowd in Hollywood and allowed concertgoers to do the same … and a woman claims they left her in a world of hurt.

The group is being sued by a woman who attended their concert at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood back in 2013. Tammy Nguyen claims she was a VIP at the show when A$AP Mob took the stage at around 11PM. There was lots of crowd surfing during the evening, but it really intensified.

She says A$AP members, including Darold Ferguson, Jr. — better known as A$AP Ferg — were diving in the crowd, along with a bunch of fans. When Ferguson jumped, Nguyen says he nailed her.   And what’s worse, she says she had to fight her way through the crowd to get out, and security didn’t help.

She’s suing the group and Ferguson.



Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha – “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)”

“When Run The Jewels sent me this track, I knew we had the opportunity to create a film that means something. I felt a sense of responsibility to do just that. We had to exploit the lyrics and aggression and emotion of the track, and translate that into a film that would ignite a valuable and productive conversation about racially motivated violence in this country. It’s provocative, and we all knew this, so we were tasked with making something that expressed the intensity of senseless violence without eclipsing our humanity. For me, it was important to write a story that didn’t paint a simplistic portrait of the characters of the Cop and Kid. They’re not stereotypes. They’re people – complex, real people and, as such, the power had to shift between them at certain points throughout the story. The film begins and it feels like they have been fighting for days, they’re exhausted, not a single punch is thrown, their violence is communicated through clumsy, raw emotion. They’ve already fought their way past their judgments and learned hatred toward one another. Our goal was to highlight the futility of the violence, not celebrate it.”

For El-P of Run the Jewels “this is a vision of a seemingly never-ending struggle whose participants are pitted against each other by forces originating outside of themselves.”

Adds partner Killer Mike “this video represents the futile and exhausting existence of a purgatory-like law enforcement system. There is no neat solution at the end because there is no neat solution in the real world. However, there is an opportunity to dialogue and change the way communities are policed in this country. Salutes to AG Rojas for his unique take on the subject matter and to Shea and Keith for giving us their all and bringing it to life.”

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04/10 – Coachella
04/17 – Coachella
05/09 – Big Guava Fest, Ft. Lauderdale FL
05/23 – Boston Calling Music Festival 2015, Boston, MA
05/29 – Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
06/06 – Field Day 2015 – London UK
06/07 – The Forum – London, UK
06/12 – Bonnaroo Music Festival 2015, Manchester TN
07/05 – ATP Iceland 2015 – Keflavik, Iceland
08/11-08/15 – Oya Festival 2015 – Oslo, Norway
08/14 – Flow Festival 2015 – Helsinki, Finland
08/28- Reading Festival 2015 – Reading, UK
08/29 – Leeds Festival, Wetherby, UK

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3 tracks off Kendrick Lamar’s new album “To Pimp A Butterfly“

Kendrick Lamar – Alright [Prod. By Pharrell And Sounwave] [XtremelyHot]

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Kendrick Lamar Feat. James Fauntleroy And Ronald Isley – How Much A Dollar Cost [Prod. By LoveDragon] [XtremelyHot]

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Kendrick Lamar – Mortal Man [Prod. By Sounwave] [XtremelyHot]

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Thousands sign petition to cancel Kanye West’s Glastonbury performance

Kanye West was announced earlier this week as one of the headliners at this summer’s Glastonbury music festival, but some music fans aren’t happy about it.

One festival-goer started a petition calling on organizers to “prevent this musical injustice” by canceling the rapper’s performance.

“Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world,” Neil Lonsdale wrote in the Change.org petition. “We spend hundreds of pounds to attend glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment. Kanye has been very outspoken on his views on music….he should listen to his own advice and pass his headline slot on to someone deserving!”

Others apparently agreed with him. As of Thursday, the petition has gotten more than 60,000 signatures. By Friday afternoon, that number rose to nearly 90,000.

In an interview with NME.com, Lonsdale — an education worker and self-described “rock kid” from Norfolk, England — called it an “outrage” that West got the headliner slot over a rock band: “Two years ago we had The Rolling Stones playing the Saturday night, and this year we get Kanye West?”

He also said he initially started a petition as a joke following the announcement of West as Glastonbury’s Saturday-night headliner, and that he’s got no issue with hip-hop or rap artists.

“My beef is not with the genre. My beef is with the stage and the fact it’s a headline slot,” he said, adding that West does not “represent anything. His songs are lyrically appalling,” he “totally disrespected Beck” at the Grammy Awards in February and “his [BRIT Awards] performance was just threatening.”

“Glastonbury needs upbeat major artists. Glastonbury is an institution. It is expected that it has the biggest names,” Lonsdale argued. “The biggest performers. Kanye does not represent that.”

Glastonbury runs from June 24-28. More on this year’s lineup can be found here.

Gates “Mayweather Money” @THAREALGATES

Money MayWeather cover copy

Lermelle Cooper story began at the age of thirteen, he fled an abusive and unstable home in Brooklyn, New York.To survive the streets, a temporary roof over his head an occasional meal he hustled. Without support or guidance he dropped out of school. His actions lead him to become another stereotype of the system, in conclusion incarcerated.

At the age of Sixteen he was introduced to the craft of rap. Centering his emotions, he learned the art of rhyme. Through the art of words he found his creativity and transformed his words into concrete lyrics. He passed his time battle rapping and the birth of Mel, became his stage name.


Kendrick Lamar Shares Latest To Pimp A Butterfly Track “King Kunta”

Kendrick Lamar has shared another track from his forthcoming album To Pimp A Butterfly, which comes out March 23, Spin reports. It’s called “King Kunta”, and it follows his previously-shared singles “i” and “The Blacker the Berry”. Listen to the new track above.

Watch Kendrick Lamar perform “Fuck Your Ethnicity” at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival:

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Out of nowhere, Lupe Fiasco drops “Atomic Misphilosophy” a gem fans have been waiting for that was intended for Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part 2.

Tagged on the track on Lu’s soundcloud is Howard Zinn, who is one the most notable historians, and political scientists in American History. I really like the mood and content on this one. Listen below & credit the fan made artwork above to the talented Dr. Monkey Designs